The meat is the chosen piece of pork that weighed to calculate their additives . First tummy cut and arranged like the scull , which are pork and ham whole ham in each 5 pieces we are 5 Bayonne.

They put hot pots with salted where hand then stacked on top of each other with layers of salt. These were cold chamber where lie about 4 days, then turn them ( the top and bottom they are turning their backs ) . After about a week or nine days to hang out in the air . Tummy manually climbs a rope to hang at the bar . The Bayonne were stuffed with tripe like the back and loin . They will need time to cure the hair .

Whistling do the same process that whips and chorizo ​​. The sliced ​​too, but then to cut and manipulate to make bags 100 gs .

All products mentioned can be manipulated to go to cut or sliced ​​, vacuum-packed cuts : cut bacon , cut back, cut Bayonne, cut loin , whip vacuum , vacuum sausage , salami vacuum , vacuum sausage or slices of sausage vacuum .

The cold storage should be at a temperature of 2 to 5 degrees. Dryers are from 55 to 65 and humidity between 10 and 15 degrees .

The sausages must be preserved once they are on sale in about 4 to 8 degrees. It is recommended that other products are from 8 to 15 degrees.